Cube Highways Hackathon

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Ideation Phase
starts on:
Jan 22, 2021, 04:30 AM
ends on:
Mar 01, 2021, 07:30 AM
Prototype phase
starts on:
Mar 20, 2021, 03:30 AM
ends on:
Mar 21, 2021, 03:30 AM

Submission Guideline

★ You are required to submit your solution idea in the form of a PowerPoint or PPT Presentation.

[Important point to understand for this hackathon]

• Cube Stop puts more value on hygiene, safety, and convenience regarding Wayside Amenities (WSAs).

• Cube Stop plans to open approximately more than 10 WSAs over the next 1 year after having opened the first WSA at Hosur, Tamil Nadu.

• Statistics of other countries show that the accident rate on highways/expressways decreases because of the existence of such rest areas (an appropriate “break” to reduce accidents).

• In India, there has been an increase in intercity travels by private cars to avoid public transportation since the COVID-19 disaster. Cube Stop would like to provide these people who travel long distances by private cars and so on with high services of hygiene, safety, and convenience.

• On the other hand, the revenue sources for the WSAs at present are mainly visitors’ meals, shopping, and fuel charge. It would be helpful to diversify and stabilize the revenue more by “Strengthen customer attraction (Increase new and repeat customers)”, “Business diversification” and “Utilization of the place as a place where people gather”, as examples.

• Ideas and solution should be based on IT utilization

• Cube Stop is also going to contribute to society through WSAs providing safety and comfort to the long-distance travel along highways/expressways.

[Idea submission criteria]

We are looking for to seeing ideas & solutions based on the following points. These ideas and solutions should be based on technologies.

  1. User Defined Solutions (Technology Enabled Solution) - To understand highway users for marketing purpose to invite them to Cube Stop WSAs, such as travel patterns, user profiles, user preference etc. - Primary WSA target users are Passenger car users between cities on highways/expressways including Taxi - Secondary WSAs target users are Commercial Vehicle users’ Logistic companies, truck fleets etc. who are large consumers of fuel.

  2. Method for attracting users to visit to WSAs (Technology Enabled Solution) - The ideas and solutions to invite the private car users to visit/stop at WSAs. Both for repeat user, new users.

  3. Users’ Needs Collection of WSAs (Technology Enabled Solution) - To collect marketing data including users and their needs, feedbacks.

  4. Others

    We are also welcoming to get ideas/solutions for

  • To support the safety and comfort of private car traveling between cities

  • To create additional revenues sources for WSAs

  • To promote the provision of one-stop services (Meals/Toilets/Shopping/Fuel/Car Maintenance) to users

  • To make effective use of WSAs for new approach

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